MAR 1 2018

ETC Investment Fund

Grayscale circulates investment thesis for ‘Ethereum (ETC) Investment Trust’, first non-bitcoin crypto fund targeted at traditional investors

MAR 1 2018

Monetary Policy Adopted

Ethereum Classic community adopts a fixed-cap monetary policy with a Bitcoin-like limited emission schedule

FEB 20 2017

ETCDEV Team Announcement

A team of long-term ETC contributors and volunteers rebrands as a ETCDEV team

BLOCK 3000000

ETC Diehard Upgrade

ETC goes through a non-contentious network upgrade, resolving critical issues such as difficulty bomb and replay attacks

DEC 11 2016

Grothendieck team

A team of 7 full-time developers, committed by IOHK, starts working for Ethereum Classic

NOV 1 2016

ETC Monetary Policy

Classic community starts debating ETC monetary policy and emission schedule, as a way to align interests of platform users, miners, investors and developers

OCT 25 2016

Attacks and Upgrades

Both Ethereums are hit with non-stop network attacks; ETC devs quickly ensure smooth and uncontentious network upgrade to patch exploited vulnerabilities

AUG 31 2016

DAO ETC unlocked

Millions of previously locked or frozen ETC become available to DAO token holders and DAO attacker. Despite predictions of doom and gloom, ETC price holds remarkably well in face of huge dumps

AUG 15 2016

Classic Rebuilds

The Ethereum Classic community begins to rally behind a stabilizing ETC price by rebuilding on the Classic network; this website is created, groups are formed, new ideas begin to surface

AUG 15 2016

Classic Rebuilds

The Ethereum Classic community begins to rally behind a stabilizing ETC price by rebuilding on the Classic network; this website is created, groups are formed, new ideas begin to surface

BLOCK 2050000

Classic Declares Independence

A Declaration of Independence on the ETC website is published stating ETC no longer wants to be in association with the Foundation. The document, signed by the community, highlights the Ethereum values, which they believed were violated as well as how they plan to move forward.

AUG 10 2016

RHG Strikes Back

The Robin Hood Group attempts to dump a large quantity of stolen ETC on the market. Poloniex freezes the funds. Uncertainty reaches an all time high.

JUL 24 2016

Ethereum Classic Community

The Ethereum Classic community begins to branch off from the forked-chain subreddits and form its own communication channels, including /r/EthereumClassic, Slack and Telegram


Community in Disarray

Flame wars begin in the once peaceful /r/Ethereum and /r/ethtrader subreddits and economically-charged vitriolic spats begin to take hold of the community as it comes to terms with the split

JUL 23 2016

Poloniex Lists ETC

The largest Ethereum exchange lists ‘ETC’ – Ethereum Classic; many exchanges quickly follow suit, ETC price peaks to 1/3 of ETH’s

BLOCK 1920001

Ethereum Classic is Born

With predictions of the original non-forked chain to disappear within hours, many are surprised to find that miners continue mining blocks and OTC trading of the original chain tokens gives them value

JUL 20 2016

DAO Bailout Hard Fork

With around 80% of nodes updating to the new client, the community nervously await the arrival of the Hard Fork activation block 1920000

JUL 15 2016

Last Minute Carbonvote

With 12 hours notice, The Ethereum Foundation use a controversial third party ‘coin vote’ to determine that the Hard Fork should be turned on by default; consensus is declared and an updated client is released

JUL 15 2016

Hard Fork Spec Announced

The only remaining option is a controversial Hard Fork. A Specification is determined and announced by Slock.it and Ethereum Foundation members

JUN 28 – JUL 15

Hard Fork Debate

Many days of intense arguing goes on in the Ethereum community about the pros and cons of implementing a Hard Fork

JUN 28 2016

Soft Fork Vulnerability

Critical Denial of Service flaws are found in the Soft Fork implementation, miners quickly decide not to use it

JUN 24 2016

DAO Wars: Soft Fork Vote

The Ethereum Foundation releases a ‘Soft Fork’ client to censor transactions coming from the hacker; mining pools vote to enable it by lowering gas limit

JUN 21 2016

Robin Hood Group Announced

A group of ‘white-hat’ hackers secure 70% of TheDAO funds but protocol-level action is required to save the remaining 30% split by the hacker

JUN 17 2016

The Countdown Beings

TheDAO’s splitting mechanism gives around a month for a solution to be found that recovers the funds; Foundation and community developers race to implement a soft fork

JUN 17 2016

Panic Hits the Markets

The price of Ether is slashed in half as Griff Green announces that TheDAO has been hacked

JUN 17 2016

TheDAO is Hacked

Ether is slowly and silently drained from TheDAO as the re-entry bug is applied

JUN 12 2016

'No Funds at Risk'

Stephan Tual publicly claims that TheDAO funds are safe despite the newly-discovered critical security flaw

JUN 9 2016

Recursive Call Bug Discovered

Peter Vessenes publicly discloses the existence of a critical security vulnerability overlooked in many Solidiy contracts

MAY 27 2016

TheDAO Crowdsale Ends

The crowdsale completes to become the world’s largest and raising an incredible $150 Million USD

MAY 27 2016

Moratorium Called

On the last day of the crowdsale, DAO curator Vlad Zamfir calls for a moratorium on TheDAO, citing many game-theoretical security issues

MAY 26 2016

Security Proposal

Slock.it announce a $1.5 Million USD proposal, paid in Ether by the crowdfund, ‘to guarantee the integrity of The DAO’

APRIL 30 2016

TheDAO Crowdsale Begins

TheDAO smart contract is deployed; members of the public send it value in return for DAO tokens

APRIL 5 2016

Slock.it Creates TheDAO

Slock.it construct TheDAO Ethereum Contract; a security audit is completed by Dejavu

JULY 30 2015

Ethereum Launches

Vitalik Buterin and The Ethereum Foundation create the first blockchain-based turing-complete smart contract platform